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The Conquistador Hidden Granite Brackets. We have some of the finest Granite Brackets in our field. Our Granite Bracket design is thicker, stronger, and safer then all the imitation granite brackets that are out there. 

  1. The Hidden Granite Bracket is the thickest granite bracket made.
  2. The Hidden Granite Bracket is the only bracket with off-set counter sunk holes.
  3. The Hidden Granite Bracket is the safest granite bracket in the world.
  4. The Hidden Granite Bracket is one of the easiest granite brackets to install.
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Calli Hidden Bracket MacMahon Wall Bracket
The Knee Wall Hidden Bracket
Our Price:Starting at $27.95
Cali Hidden Bracket
Our Price:Starting at $48.95
Customized Hidden L Granite Bracket for supporting granite
Customized Hidden L Bracket
Our Price:Starting at $33.95
The Customized T-Bracket
Our Price:Starting at $42.95

Conquistador Hidden Granite Brackets. Building Granite Brackets for Supporting Heavy Countertops. 

We understand the need to use countertop support brackets in holding up granite countertops.
We make strong metal support brackets for holding up granite countertops, but in the field we call them countertop support brackets, steel support brackets, or hidden brackets. Bottom line is our metal support brackets are used to support granite overhangs.

5 Reasons to get the Conquistador Hidden Brackets:
  1. Keep your investment into a stone counter top safe from snapping off.
  2. Keep everyone safe from a stone overhang from braking off and falling on someone. 
  3. Don't bang your knees when you sit down at your granite bar top.
  4. Compare to the others and this is the strongest of all the brackets.
  5. We have the highest quality Hidden Bracket at the lowest price

Some names others call our Conquistador Hidden Granite Brackets.
    • Support Brackets for Granite Countertops
    • Counter Corbels for granite over hanging counter top
    • Steel Support Brackets for granite overhang
    • Metal Support Brackets for granite counters or counter tops 
    • Countetop Support for granite
    • Bracket Support for granite
    • Countertop Support Brackets for granite

Watch this video of how the Knee Wall Hidden Brackets work.

Watch this video on how the Calli Hidden Brackets are used.